Gaige Qualmann

As you enter Gaige Qualmann’s space, be prepared to be amazed at every turn as he was diagnosed with Artism at an early age.

With only a few hours of playing around with any new medium, this self-taught artist can achieve mastery levels that one can only dream of. From fine painting to sign painting, sculpting, wood working, leather molding, coppersmithing and a multitude of other fabricating and building skills, Gaige has all the skills to turn everything he touches into pure beauty.

Originally from the Pacific North West, Gaige moved to Oakland CA in June 2014 and since has been an active member of the NIMBY volunteer core crew.

Gaige is also a proud member/founder of “Team Good Job“, a team that makes your toughest ideas come to reality, getting the best of the best NIMBY artists together, just to make your wildest dreams come true!

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