Noel Taylor

Studying the Classics and starting out as a realist painter, I became delighted and intrigued by the art of the 16th and 17th century Dutch masters and their mastery of creating the illusion of back-lighting in their paintings. I was also captivated by Rembrandt's depiction of direct light on the subject in his paintings. This appreciation lead me to seek out great painters and teachers like David Leffel.

At one point, after years of traditional oil painting, I felt the need to no longer be constrained by style or content and began experimenting. My personal life and spiritual life were expanding with revelation, and my art demanded that I include these experiences. Upon seeing the works of Robert Venosa, I realized I wasn’t alone in this expanded view. Studying and painting with him, I realized styles “I had self-discovered” were similar in many ways to styles he had mastered. Integrating Venosas methods and techniques with my own experimentation led to a doorway that is still opening to my artistic discovery.

Having moved through the stages of painting from life "that which is seen by the eye", to painting from concept "that which is seen by the mind", I now paint in an almost “automatic” painting style, trying to leave my mind completely out of the process. The feeling is as if I am observing myself and my technical skills being used to present something being gifted me from a higher source, resulting in paintings that could not have been conceived by the mind and which leave me, upon observing, amazed and in wonderment. This evokes deep emotions as I feel humility and gratitude, and know that I am blessed to be a part of this process.

It is interesting that after having painted so long in an ala prima style of painting using thick impasto, I now find myself painting predominantly in a technique similar to mischtechnik using multiple layers of thin glazes of transparent color, but with no under painting. I am fascinated by how the eye mixes reflected light through the layers of different colors.

Bio: My preferred way of learning has always been to work directly with a great artist whose work deeply inspires me. I have had the opportunity to train and paint with Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, David Leffel, Quang Ho and Daniel Sprick. I studied at the Ringling School of Art and Design, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University, and the Art Student’s League in New York City & Denver. I have been fortunate to have mentored other artists on their path to self discovery. I have also developed an Art Therapy program working one and one and in groups with people with Developmental Disabilities and Alzheimer's.

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