Christine Jennings

To be in the moment, to see differently the world around me and go inward to find the expression of that essence in two dimensions, is my goal for each of my paintings. Whether I find the inspiration in my erupting garden, a pile of dead leaves or a slant of light, the natural world speaks to me. Its shape, color and spirit are all part of the message. It is a path to learn, grow, emerge and express through the uncharted, mysterious territory within. And it is fun!

As the mother of three creative children there was a time when it was enough to encourage and support their creative endeavors. After the death of two artists very close to me, my mother Betty and my dear friend Marley Stone, I have discovered, uncovered the artist within me. I listen to the creative whispers and am not afraid to follow the wild idea and make it tame.

I love the medium of watercolor primarily for its spontaneity and expressiveness. The colors merge and flow, combine and drip and a masterpiece is created, or not. I lose myself in time when the brush is in my hand. It is all about the process and the moment, the joy, and the passion.

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