"Grandma's House", a group show

In Decembers show, "Grandmas House", we presented neighborhood artists who have recently boosted their own shops.


Kevin James Poest, known to his friends as simply, Poest, is a master craftsman and artist. With a background in professional carpentry and furniture repair he is proficient in all aspects of working with wood. Introduced to the lathe by his Grandfather, Poest at once found his passion for wood turning and has since dedicated himself to this unique and highly specialized artistry.

Each piece turned echoes the deep respect and appreciation he feels for the life of the tree it originated from. Poest skillfully captures grain patterns while showcasing irregularities, natural voids and edges, and concludes the process with the subtle tone of a natural oil finish. He honors each piece of wood, preserving, highlighting and revealing its history into a finely crafted, befittingly sculpted work of art.

Continually learning, teaching, expanding his boundaries, and refining his process, Poest approaches his wood turning with as much appreciation and wonderment as he does for life itself. Poest spends his days leading turning workshops, teaching private lessons, showing and selling in local galleries and art walks. Poest is driven to accomplish his goals in both work and life. This rising artisan and craftsman continues to gain distinction within the art community of Portland.




Jennifer Brooks

Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry & Accessories

Jennifer is an adventurer, always seeking new ways to create something from nothing. In the past one could find her gleefully rummaging through free piles in search of interesting fabrics and broken or mismatched jewelry in hopes of creating art from trash. As she's completing a degree in sustainable business management, Jennifer's endeavors with her business, Phoenixx Factor, are to find the many tangible and intangible ways that creativity can reinvent a person, a trend, or fashion. Today, she dabbles in wire wrapped jewelry from new and recovered materials, made into rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and hat pins.



Jahna Vashti

Born on Vancouver Island, B.C., raised in L.A., and stumbled into Portland, Oregon 16 years ago. Now I'm all snuggled up in this sparkly city surrounded by forest with my two little boys and their handsome Dad. I’ve created art since I could grasp a crayon. I never did go to art school, and suffered a 10+ year artists block throughout my twenties. I have since learned to trust my instincts and challenge myself every time I paint. I am deeply inspired by the art and traditions of people from around the world. I love to combine the colors and textiles of various cultures with my love for animals. I like to think of the critters in my work as spirit animals; as an extension of us if we were still in sync with the earth, but with a splash of modern day humor. Other inspirations sometimes come from surprising places. Like a memory, an ancient artifact, an old tattered photograph of someone forgotten, folklore & fairy tales, stories of pain, stories of victory, the ring of a bell in a second hand store, the echo of an out of tune piano, or a song lyric. Early to mid-century cartoons really do a number on my imagination too... I could go on and on. I consider myself in the business of joy. Every smile that is brought to the viewers face is a personal success.

The Bear Noir Studio 7100 NE MLK Portland, OR 97211




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