The Landscape of a Revolution

JORGE TERRELL has been an artist since he was a kid when his inspirations came from science fiction and 80's movies. The alternate universes created through cartoons, comics, and toys of the era along with the classic horror re-runs on late night TV gave him opportunities to bond with people from all walks of life.

Later, while in high school, Jorge became completely absorbed into the world of graffiti art. He learned a lot about art during this period, meeting many talented artists, experiencing collaborations and studying the “code” of the graffiti community. Exploring the relationship between imitation and originality, his love for painting big will remain in his heart forever.

Jorge studied visual arts in “La Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas” and “La Academia de San Carlos” in Mexico City, focusing his attention on traditional painting mediums and developing his foundations in live drawing of the human anatomy. His graduating thesis was titled “Graffiti; Un Movimiento Pictorico” explaining his beliefs regarding the graffiti movement. “Graffiti Art will be remembered in the history of art to be as influential as surrealism, impressionism, romanticism, or other such prominent movements. Graffiti is a movement that exists outside of the formalities of most art genres, but has grown to be regarded as equal to these art genres. It has become a culture of it's own and a worldwide movement inspiring thousands of young artists, still gaining momentum today.”

Jorge moved to Portland, Oregon in 2002 and has participated in several group and solo exhibitions having done a variety of specific projects ranging from commercial murals, advertisements and catalogues, to tattoo design and traditional portraits.

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